Happy Holidays

Duffy’s Massage Excellence, hoped that everyone had a wonderful, and safe Christmas. Here’s to ringing in the New Year full of positive changes. To help out we’d like to offer a 60 minute Table massage for $40.00 at our East Providence location. Check out our promotion section, for more details. Lets ring in 2016 with a relaxing massage.


New Years


Mind-Body-Spirit-Life Expo

This Sunday, November 29th from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm I, and my assistant, Rosa, will be attending the 2nd annual Mind-body-spirit-Life Expo at the Crowne Plaza in Warwick. I will have my own exhibit set up where I will be providing chair massage. I am excited for this opportunity to share my skill set and discuss my clinical and therapeutic ideas for dealing with pain. It should be an enjoyable experience.

Operation Stand Down

I had the privilage and honor of attending Operation Stand Down for veterans at Diamond Hill State Park over the weekend. I along with other Massage Therapist provided massages at no cost to Veterans.I am a co chair for the AMTA Sports Massage team for the RI Chapter. It truly was an inspirational experience for me as a human being and Therapist. I was able to provide a my hands on skills to alleviate their pain if not for just a short while.

Posterior hip and thigh muscle tension

I had a regular client walk into my office today with a complaint of proximal posterior thigh and hip tension when kneeling and bending over. I subsequently assessed and treated the client with deep tissue techniques on the  Gluteus maximus, upper and lower leg muscles and deep lateral hip rotator muscles ( Piriformis, Superior gemellus, Inferior gemellus, Quadratus femoris muscles). Once the superficial legs gained adequate softening and pliability, I utilized friction techniques to loosen and break adhesions involving said muscles. The client expressed  that there was a decrease in muscle tension and increase in range of motion in the post treatment assessment.