About Us


Hello, and welcome to the website.

My name is Sean Duffy and I am the owner and lead therapist here at Duffys Massage Excellence or DME. If I can explain in a few words what this business is about, it would be You! The client, person, individual and your needs and concerns and ultimately physiological issues. I elected to incorporate the word “excellence” because it is and has always been a common attribute in any endeavor in my life. One must  strive to be at a level of excellence, and for me, Massage as a craft, science and art is no different.  I am a proud graduate of the Community College of Rhode Island where I attained highest honors. I  honestly believe there is a client for every therapist in the Massage field. How do you know that you are a good fit for DME?  I use several different modalities and techniques to achieve balance or Homeostasis within the body. This involves Swedish Massage, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, positional release, active isolating stretching, structural relief therapy.  I primarily  use the deep tissue techniques that I have found to be effective with clients regarding issues such as muscle  imbalances, knots, tension, strains, tennis elbow, golfers elbow and other pathologies. I incorporate additional techniques and modalities as needed into the treatment.  I apply pressure and techniques with client understanding and consent regarding the purpose and goal of the treatment. You are the boss! I always tell my clients that they can determine what treatment regarding pressure and types of techniques they would like to be applied as long as it falls within my scope of practice. Finally, I suggest that you reach out by phone or email or stop by the shop and speak with me directly about what we can accomplish here at DME.

God Bless!