Happy Sunday


Wishing everyone a peaceful and beautiful Sunday!!

I, would like to take a moment again, to thank everyone for their continued support through Groupons and my Non-Groupon users!

During this time however, I have had to limit returning customers/clients to the number of Groupons they are able to purchase/redeem.


Please note that as of January 1, 2017

Any Customers/Clients wishing to return for a treatment MUSTpurchase the massage directly from Duffy’s Massage Excellence. I, have lowered my prices and made them very reasonable if not close to the Groupon rate. I, have also added new packages that are not available on Groupon.

Any Customers/Clients who have outstanding Groupons from 2016, and have not been redeemed or are in the midst of completing their packages will still be honored. However, we will NOT honor any more Groupons purchased in 2017(*), for the same individuals (this includes purchases made through family members, friends etc.) Anyone, wishing to purchase another session for a friend/family member can do so by going directly through Duffy’s Massage Excellence and purchasing a Gift Certificate.

All multi- packages purchased are intdened for 1 customer redemption, and CAN NOT be used or redeemed on multi people. (Some exceptions may be made, see Therapist for those exceptions).

Couples massages please keep in mind that I, am the sole Therapist at Duffy’s Massage Exellence. I, am not able to provide massages for two indivduals at the same time. Normally this type of treatment is done back to back.



Thank you and have a blessed day.

Sean C. Duffy




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